My weightloss challenge so far....

Just a quicky today. I posted Fridays 52 Weeks to Weightloss Challenge pic. on my Flickr. So far I've lost 7.2 lbs. woohoo !! You won't see much of a change but I'm starting to feel it in my pants and just a wee bit around the waist band ( doens't dig into my stomach when I bend to tie my shoes yay ).
Fridays are my 'free' days, maybe even a little on Saturday too ;P My free days are when I don't think about calories or fat. So tonight I may have either nachos ( with extra cheese --my fav. I hate eating a fingernails worth of cheese so i just don't eat it, I wait until Friday and then enjoy a couple of good chunks or use it on nachos ) or I may do the roasted veggie thing ( posted it on the Flickr photo ).
My brain, not just my body, is determined to lose this excess weight. I think the brain plays a huge part with weightloss; in fact, with everything. The brain is a great healer, some things may take years to get over but it's all being processed and subconsciously I believe you're figuring it all out while going through the negativities. Eventually the brain is ready to heal which, for some people, means "I'm fed up with feeling like this !" --and then you're ready to get on with really living again. This is how I now feel, the cloud has lifted and I'm moving on :)