Another pound down !

Woohoo, happy to report a 1.1 lb. loss this week :) I've now lost 8.1 lbs. down to 191.9 whoopee ! I could have probably lost almost 2 lbs. but I tried to get more protein in, which meant more calories too. I'm supposed to be consuming at least 60 protein a day but have been managing about 30 --which would explain my feeling tired much of the time ( especially after working out ). Looks like I may have to purchase some protein powder instead. Oh well, at least I'm sticking to it and am already feeling the benefits of feeling good again. My head no longer feels like it's going to explode when I bend to tie my shoes lol ! My jeans are comfortable again but boy oh boy am I sick of wearing them ! "So go buy something else Tracy"...wellll, I would much rather stick with the clothes I have now and buy some new stuff once I've reach say, hmmm, 170 lbs ---then that will be worth it !

In high school I used to love wearing things that, at the time, were a little different. I wasn't that odd looking but every so often I'd enjoyed showing a different side, the punky-gothic chick. One time I wore 3 pairs of nylons, the top was torn black fishnet, next a blood red pair with holes, lastly a black pair. One of my moms short 1960 style black skirts on top, a black ( or was it black and white checked ) tshirt covered with a terrific black pea jacket ( wonderful military style ). Of course there were the necessary buttons proclaiming the bands you liked. Some of them were The Clash, XTC, Gary Numan, Kraftwerk and Japan. I still have them too and even all the buttons that spell out another fav. band MADNESS :) For the longest time I kept a pair of off white Nike high tops. I remember torturing my mom for them and all mainly because I had a crush on a punky boy. Well they sure did not look as good on me as they did on him, but I wore them every so often and eventually painted them with black checks. Nowadays that would be called altered art ;)

Once I lose this weight, I wonder if I could still dress like that ? Hmmm, as tempting as it sounds it probably wouldn't look good on me now. Attitudes change, etc...Oh I still like some punk ( thoroughly enjoy Green Day, one of Christians ( our son ) fav. bands ) but the thick black eyeliner would just highlight my laughlines and tired eyes and the military look....?? We'll just have to wait and see, you never know what could happen.

Today is again 'Free Friday' so I'm having a caesar salad and some nachos and yes i will be chowing down in front of the tv *GASP* ! Saturday I'll be eating light as we're having friends over for Jacques fahbulous sushi. I introduced him to it when we were dating, over 18 yrs. ago. About 4 yrs. ago he began making it and wow does he make some really good stuff, my mouth waters just thinking about it. So needless to say I'm saving my calories for tomorrow night !

It's off the computer tonight, see y'all later :)


Terrence said...

Hi Tracy:
Just dropped by to say hi. FYI there are 19 gr. of protein(high quality) in a can of sardines in spring water.
Take care and be safe.