Upcoming 'rosy' creations....

Good day all ! Did my walk again, a brisk 70 minutes --which means I've walked off all my calories consumed at breakfast and more.

I'm just going around updating online sites and wanted to show off what I've been working on lately. In a previous post here I was going on about creating with resin, but then I found some worn out rose bouquets and next thing I'm creating these necklaces ! Hope you like what you see as I'll be making about 5 or 7 of these. My Etsy shop, so far, has just one-of-a-kind items and now I'll be adding these necklaces so potential buyers could buy more than one if they choose. I really love how they're turning out and will make one for my moms birthday on Christmas day ( she's turning 89 ! )

Okay, back to beading...Have a beautiful day everyone :)


Dawn said...

Lovely necklaces you have made and I am sure your mum will feel proud wearing one of these on her birthday. x