Thriftshop Goodies !

More wonderful thriftshop finds from Thursday :) My mom has plenty of the porcelain flower arrangements but these ones had several chips, missing flowers and one was loose so i gave it to my friend. These particular arrangements will be used in my art. The other porcelain item is a vintage perfume bottle with 'Mother' written on the side. It says Japan on the bottom and the inside still has a fairly strong perfume odor --another item to be altered. The flattened box will be used for one of my moms birthday gifts on Christmas and I've already found one birthday gift for her, the pretty golden pendant with purple stones shown here. My mom is rather partial to larger pendants so I'm sure she'll enjoy this one.

Okay, I really should be doing my art right now but it looks like another lazy day. I've become addicted to a newly downloaded game called Shape Shifter, you put shapes into the right places and boy oh boy I've spent 2 hours at a time playing it !