Sushi,fun,overeating and art....

Ravishing Rouge. First in my Rose Bouquet Necklace series. Now on Etsy.

Sweety Pie. 2nd. Rose Bouquet necklace posted today on Etsy. Look for another red and a yellow one soon.

Hope you all had a great weekend ? We had some wonderful friends over for sushi with their equally wonderful 6 yr. old son Jeremy. Our son Christian could make a terrific babysitter as he is rather awesome with the younger kids. He'll be 12 Dec.30 so we may plop him into a babysitting course and then he can go from there.

My husband makes some very mouth watering sushi, which we all thoroughly stuffed ourselves with lol ! It was the kind where you wish there was midnight leftovers. Tamago (egg), anago (eel --tastes like chicken), salmon ( my fav !! I could eat it just as sashimi, no rice, with a bit of soy sauce and wasabi yum ! ), tuna and plenty of rolls. Even now my mouth waters.

A pleasant time was had by all, lots of laughs and silliness. Our friends live in Sooke and the weather had been wet snow, so needless to say they couldn't stay too late. Oh well, next time we'll see them is for a boxing day turkey dinner at their house.

So I quickly learned a lesson: when you're trying to lose weight and you really watch what you eat all week and then allow yourself a 'free' day to have whatever you want....try to not go overboard with huge food servings ! All week I'm being a good girl by writing down what I eat on Sparkpeople, and when Friday comes I go a little 'food crazy'. By that I mean, I allow myself several chunks of cheese, toast with more than 1 tsp. of Becel marg, maybe a Starbucks Peppermint mocha or chai tea latte, dinner choices like nachos or pizza or something else high fat and lots of protein. Fridays had been going really well, except last Friday. I decided on nachos and a small caesar salad ( the kind you make from a bag ). Nachos had green onions, olives, tomato, light sour cream. Yes I used Dorito Nacho Cheese chips and a whole whack of cheddar cheese. Now do note: I haven't had any of those Dorito chips, or any chips for that matter, in several weeks. Cheese I usually avoid during the week because I hate only having a fingernail sized piece. So I overdid it and got scared. About a half hour after having this 'food', my heart began pumping away at a rate as if I'd just done a marathon. So I stopped all movement and just sat on the couch for awhile, telling my body to relax, taking deep breaths, thinking relaxing thoughts. After a few minutes I drank a large glass of water and walked around slowly. Finally I headed to la toilette and felt ever so much better. What a relief ! --in more ways than one !
So now that I've experienced that rather horrid experience, I do not wish to repeat it. Soooo, I guess my free fridays will require more thinking than ever. If I still want nachos, then only a small plate instead of double dinner size. Forget about a caesar, besides it wasn't that great anyway. My poor body must have gone into shock from a sudden huge intake of fat and protein, etc...I swear I could hear it shouting at me "what the hell is going on !?"

Lesson learned !!

So, speaking of weightloss and eating overload, I've decided to take a wee break this week. I've been craving carbs since Sunday morning and can feel this craving lasting another day or two and I know I will cave. NO BIG DEAL ! Yes, I know I'll prob. gain back a pound or two but that is okay. I am fully aware of what I'm doing, I will continue to exercise at least, but this week I may have an extra Candy Cane Lane Peppermint tea with the extra sugar, I may have a chocolate bar, who knows what's going to happen. Lets call it a test okay ? If I flunk I'll just do it over next week.

Okay, as for my artsy life, some of you know I've been working on those vintage rose necklaces for Etsy. Well I've just listed my 2nd. one today called Sweety Pie. Out of all 4 I've made so far, this is my most fav., probably because it's pink :) Go take a look at other views of this necklace. I hope you like it, let me know what you think :)

Oh and I'm still slowly working on some spoon bookmarks. Just have to get my butt off the computer chair and out to the tool shed, I need to use the drill press to make a hole in the spoon handle. My Dremel is my fav. tool but it takes sooooooo long to drill one little hole in the metal. Look for pics. soon.

Hi ho hi ho it's off I go. Have a good night all :)