Artful Christmas Swap gifts have arrived woohoo !!

Woohoo ! I forgot to mention that i received my box of Artful Christmas Swap goodies today woohoo !!

Awhile ago I joined the 'Artful Christmas Swap', whoever joined had to make something for each member on their team. I made 12 goodies, wrapped them and sent them all off to the host Holly, who then took each goody and gave one to each participant, doing the same with all their treasures. Once done she then packaged the goodies, each member had to pay for shipping, and then she sent out the parcels.

I've made a simple display of the treasures, I may put them in something a little more Christmassy once the decorating starts.

The only 'rule' --if you wish to follow it, and I do, is to wait until Dec. 14 and then you can open one gift a day until Christmas :) Quite exciting, I feel like a kid whee !

This was great fun to do, didn't take all that much time. I love everyones packaging, even one person put her gift in a tin.

So I'll mention when the gift opening happens and, if you're interested, you can check out the Artful Christmas Swap link on the right and see each gift.


Sheri said...

hey i'm in this swap too! althought i'm not in your group i think... :)