My fav. things....

Hello again :)

--I said I'd post a pic. of the muffins I made using some of the pulp from when I made vegetable juice.
I enjoy muffins made from scratch but this time I just used a store bought oatmeal muffin mix and simply stirred in just under a half cup of the pulp. The sweetness of the oatmeal takes away the taste of the mixed pulp, the muffins were quite nice.

--When it comes to tea I have to have it in a BIG mug...no dainty teacup or tiny mug for me, no thanks :) If I must then of course I will do so without any complaint at all, but in my home I bring out the big mugs ( but there are a couple of small mugs for those who just have to have one ).
These fun and colorful mugs are from a line called Tea Party, created by Joyce Shelton. They hold 2 cups of liquid, perfect for my Double Spice Chai Tea by Stash --with lots of skim milk and a heaping teaspoon of honey, or for hot chocolate too yum-yum ( will sometimes make it with half choc. soy and skim milk and a dash of vanilla )!

Now off to see what other fav. items I have for you.....