My favorite things continues....

Awhile back I began posting pics. of some of my fav. things. Well today I chose to do absolutely nothing that required heavy use of my brain. My plate has been full these past couple of months and of course I'm still mourning my moms passing ( usually hits me during the evening when everyone else is asleep and the house is very quiet ).
So all I did today was play a very addicting computer game called 'Drop', one of those silly games where you have to make 3 same color drops and empty the screen before it reaches the top.
We all need 'no brainer' days and I'm very much relishing this one !

Well I've now decided to take a break and pop onto my blog. I'm back in the mood to get blogging a bit more and thought I'd re-start posting pics. of my fav. things.

Today it's our juicer !

My husband loves his veggies but I've never thought them as my favorite food items, mainly because my parents tended to overcook it all so it was very soft --yech--, and of course there was lots of butter, etc...
Well here I am, 41, and still struggle getting enough veggies. But a few years ago I discovered i really enjoy drinking veg and fruit juice and voila...we bought a juicer. Now I just plop in the veggies and drink it all straight up, no sugar or fruit juice, just all natural juiced veggies :)
A simple and tasty drink is apple and carrot juice, the kids will like it. BUT, if you drink lots of carrot juice then you may take on a wee orange glow...literally lol !
But I prefer drinking a mix of green veggies: broccoli, dark green/red lettuce, some celery and cucumber. Will also toss in a bit of beet, garlic and whatever else is in the veg. crisper. I don't concern myself with what veg. will digest best with other veg. etc....If I really want to know then I'll just check out the computer.

So there's the pic. of what I drank, a combo of broccoli, romaine and carrot juice. Gave some to our son too, he made a face but got it down lol !

Nothing like a good glass of greenery, helps with energy and an overall good feeling.

On my next post you'll see a pic. of the muffins I made using some of the juice pulp.

Until then, have a great day !♥


kecia said...

that looks like the drink that Renee Russo drank in the movie, "Thomas Crown Affair" (the remake with Pierce Brosman). i have to say in the movie, the drink looked disgusting!

Tracy said...

Yes, some might say it's disgusting and will find the taste even worse, but I actually like the taste...mind you, this is coming from someone who also likes Marmite !
(Marmite: a yeast extract product used as a spread. Very salty so use a wee bit )