Getting back on track

Hee-hee ! Those chicken legs have nothing to do with this post but I felt that something goofy was needed :)

It's been just over two months since my moms passing and today I finally began walking again yay ! Brought my new pedometer and off I went, but only walked up the hill and back so as to not shock my body too much. I walked just over 6,000 steps, that just over 3 miles. You can see where I walk in a previous post, pics. and all. It was really lovely today, so many birds and lovesick crows lol !

I'm supposed to be cleaning out my art studio today. Interesting how you gather so much stuff, thinking it will be used, and then something happens to take you away from it --when you get back to it, it's not the same. I have a bunch of boxes, some vintage silverware, some sturdy gift boxes, etc...was going to alter them into jewelry boxes, etc...covering with my various bits and pieces of papers/broken jewelry/computer bits and more. But now they just look like too much work and I'm really not in the mood to take on larger projects. Plus with all the 'stuff' from my parents home, I really have to be more realistic and just get rid of the boxes. It doesn't sadden me because I can always get more from the thrift shops if I want. So far I prefer creating smaller items, like my pendants posted earlier, and plan to stick with those. Of course it could all change again, that's the beauty of being artistic, not having to stick with one style. But that can get a bit frustrating...sometimes I would like to find one style ! Anyway, I'm not going to go on about that because my studio is getting filled with the smaller 'stuff' from my parents, it's beginning to look like a thrift shop and I just don't feel like creating when the room has other stuff than art. For now, I will be listing some of my parents things on Etsy. When that will happen I really can't say...anytime I guess.

Ah, it's good to be able to write about things other than ' a death in the family'. The flowers are blooming, the garden is calling to be dug and turned. I bought a few packages of seeds, hoping to grow something different this year:

The corn is because I've always been a curious type. Our son has his own small plot and so we're going to see if we can grow a few stalks, just to see if it is possible and what they will look like ( healthy, tall...?? ). Our backyard is small but gets lots of sun, so why not. I have lobelia and Echinacea, just wanted to add more. The daisies are new, love the colors ! I've high hopes it will all bloom.

Thought I'd toss in a pic. of our deck. We just power washed it yesterday so it's still in the "where am I going to put everything" stage. I like to move it around so the flowers get the best light and we get the best views.

Well now I'm hungry, so off to munch something. Have a great day !


Anonymous said...

Tracy, my name is Terry. I think I'm your father.
From what I've seen and read there seems to be a familiar family connection.
If you like, we could talk somehow but not on a blog site. Besides you could write it better than me. Am I right folks?
I'm sorry to hear about your mom, we all are.
If there was one thing I hoped for in all those years is that your mom and dad loved you like I love my kids.
Which reminds me, you have at least two sisters that are dieing to talk/meet with you, among several others that have been waiting for me to contact you first.
Going to the dentist is nothing. I'm shaking inside as I type.
I have'nt got an Email address yet but I'm working on it.