Spring Delights and My Fav. New Goodies

I love Spring, especially when all the cherry blossoms appear and the birds are chirping crazily in the morning.

The other day I couldn't resist buying some of those colorful sugarry Easter treats, simply because they are so Springy ! And I made a couple of pictures for you to use. I dumped a bunch of the goodies onto one of my fav. tea saucers, and then sat it on top of my dear moms yellow with gold flecks murano dish, making it look like a nest. I then surrounded it with a pink gauzy curtain. It looked so pretty, but I had to play around with the coloring and ended up with these two sweet pics. Oh how I would LOVE to have a glass bowl in that shade of pinky-red !

Then I played around with the hue, etc...and ended up with this neat-o shot. Makes me think of creamsicles and blue jelly bears...

..and speaking of nest, I sat on top a wee button with a sweet image of 2 little birds. The button came from a bag of other birdy buttons created by Popalicioustoo <--go see their Etsy shop, lots of lovely delights :)


And now for another of my fav. things:

I was in Michaels the other day and came across a display of utterly wonderful delights consisting of collage flowers, oriental lanterns, romantic gypsy-like stickers and more. These mouthwatering creations were made by K&CoMPANY, check out their lovely website.

Their products are sold for non-commercial use but they don't mind if you use one or two of their products for resale in limited quantity and must be personally made by you --go and check out their Consumer FAQ's for a full description.

The floral images are rub ons, the other packaged treats are stickers, YUMMY ! I'll be back for more !