A Doodley Doo Con Con Con Kachoo !

Alrighty then ! Feelin a bit weird today, the moon maybe ? Or it just might be because I am who I am, kinda weird, kinda goofy and every now and again I want to shout it out, WHOOT !!

So today I added another 'section' in my Etsy shop. This one is named Little Doodles.

Ever since i can remember I've always loved colors, paint, markers, pencil crayons, etc...and over the years the desire to paint has grown stronger and stronger. BUT, and tell me if you are the same way, when I do get the necessary drawing tools ready, the fresh sheet of paper or canvas in front of me...I blank.
You see, I have a very active and colorful imagination. I see glorious swirls, birdies,clouds,blooming trees,tall buildings, and so on..but trying to paint them the way I see them in my mind...nope, doesn't happen. My hand gets heavy and instead of gracious delicate lines, thick blobby things come out.
Oh I've tried, but either my patience wears out, or I get bored quickly, or my mind wanders.

Soooo, I thought of what else I enjoy doing with paints, markers, etc...Doodling ! It's relatively fast and whatever comes out of my head does not need to be 'perfect'. Plus, I can make small doodles or big ones.
Of course I won't give up trying to paint what I see in my head...but for now I just like the ease of doodles, of simple swirls and lots of colors with markers and ball point ink.

And that's why I have a 'little doodles' section in my Etsy shop.

I listed this silly doodle today. Called 'Play With Me', it features a pen 'happy monster' and doggy with ZIG marker background ( see my goofy looking blue bird lol ! ) and a piece of newspaper.
Decoupaged onto a piece of recycled cereal box. Sealed with proper acid free, uv protectant sealer. Plain silly fun !

Tomorrow ( well, tomorrow is actually today. It's no longer Tuesday but almost 1 a.m. Wednesday ), I'll be listing another doodle which is a wee bit more colorful and romantic. Called 'My Heart is Yours', it uses ZIG markers, glitter gel pens, ball point and a few faux rhinestones stuck on. And yeh, I'm another of those artists that can't draw hands ! And that's okay, so there :P

I hope you find my doodles 'likeable'. Each one is considered ooak ( one of a kind ) because I am selling the original, no prints, and prices for them will be reasonable. They're all meant to be fun, from my heart to your home :)♥