Doodles to ACEOs, I've got the fever !

Hello everyone :) May I suggest you DON'T overindulge on Smokehouse Almonds ? I had a few too many on Wed. and my oh my, Thursday morning 6 a.m. came super fast and I was sick all day, blech ! I'm guessing my body couldn't handle all the salt and that I was bad and didn't drink any water. It was quite a gross feeling but I'm back to feeling about 98% normal ( the tummy is still making a few weird gurgly noises but thankfully that's all it's doing ).

Anyhooo, thought I'd show off what I've been doing the last few days. You've already seen my 'doodling' in the previous post and I'm showing them off again. I've decided they look more like ACEOs than doodles and have changed the section in my Etsy shop from Little Doodles to ACEO Doodles ( or something like that ).

And there's another one here that is unfinished, called 'Fly My Love'. For this one I'm going a little further than my markers and adding a touch of acrylic paint with a wash effect. It should be done by Monday ( weekends are for the family ).

Pricing these little art pieces is difficult. And that I am not one of those artists who can paint lifelike or has art certificates/awards on my walls, well, confidance needs to kick in big time. Oh sure, the people/animals I draw have a very juvenile look but that is the way they come out for me.

It's all about the fun tho, the colors, the energy they create. Just like my Charmblies and shrink collages, they are made with joy, with life, and more will be gracing my Etsy shop :)