New ACEO on a Beautiful Day

Hello again :)

It is a gorgeous day here in Brentwood Bay British Columbia. The sun has been shining warmly, the birds are tweeting everywhere, there's a gentle breeeze, ahhhhhh. I send warm rays to those who are still having to endure snow !

And here's a couple pics. of my first planters. They were made last week and are not only pretty to look at, but wrap the brain in a happy blanket :)

A few of my fav. flowers, violas, pink roses, hyacinths, carnations and even grasses. There's also a little fairy enjoying the view, and a few pieces of vintage beach glass:

This golden pot holds more violas, a funky glass globe, a wonderful twisted piece of beach wood and a glittery blue piece of broken fake carnival glass:

And here is my new ACEO of the day, called 'Fly My Love'. It's all about letting go of those you love, so they can grow into their own beautiful self.

Our son is 13, and already in the last few months since his birthday, I've noticed subtle changes in him and have had to adapt and learn to let go some of those things he once enjoyed as a child. It's a little sad but we are so excited for his future.

He still enjoys having mom and dad put him to bed tho, still enjoys the tickle fights and wrestling with dad.

So this ACEO uses my markers again but now I've added some paints --my fav. being the Halo Pink by Lumiere, love the glow it gives ! The bird is a rub-on by K&Company. Finished off with aurora borealis-style gemstones. It hasn't been decoupaged to the box backing yet, will get that done shortly and have it listed in an hour or so ( been a beautiful day but I've been sneezing up a storm, must be from all the new blooms and the ground drying out, so working has been a stop-sneeze-sneeze-sneeze-paint-stop-sneeze-sneeze-sneeze day lol ! ).

I hope you like my ACEOs :)