When I'm working......

Having a lunch break so thought I'd pop in a quick shot of how my desk looks right now. Lol it's quite messy ! Yes, I've given up working all neat and tidy because it just does not work, I make so many things with so many bits & pieces, if I kept it all tidy then I'd be getting up and down every 5 minutes ! --though my legs would look fabulous dahling ! So I surround myself with the most important stuff & get any extra I need, but forcing myself to put back any remainders right away otherwise it will just be plonked on the floor or make the desk even more crowded than it already is :P
As for the actual desk, it came from my parents home and I 'think' my dad may have made it back in the 60's. It's a good desk, 6 large drawers and a center one, I'm thankful to have it but it's not something I would buy. Eventually it would be nice to get something with a larger surface & drawers on glides, the drawers now always get stuck & I use soap to lube them. There's also a  3 drawer dresser to my right, same make as the desk and one of the drawers is a pain, I wobble it like a mad woman trying to get it opened & closed, kinda funny actually.
Okay enough with the whining lol !

I'm finishing up 3 more items for the shop --the alarm clock piece ( see last post ) is coming along very nicely but I'm being very picky ( as usual ). I just won't list anything if something isn't attached properly and there's one gem that's being stubborn, if it doesn't work then I'll just think up some other solution. In the photo above I have two more game piece pendants, a 'flower candy' pendant and a bowling pendant. The flower candy holds a vintage porcelain flower taken from a damaged floral bouquet decoration of my moms ( I have a listing in my vintage shop for a few of these flowers ) and the bowling pendant has two vintage miniature wood bowling pins from an old bracelet. These will go into my Whimsywear section. Love love love making these creations !

That's about it for now, I'm hungry ! Ciaou all xooo ~~♥~~


~JANN ~ said...

Thank you Tracey for visiting FOREVER JANN blog & for following.
Looks like your a very busy & talented artist. Glad to be your new friend.