Good Day All :)

Well Facebook has taken me away from blogging, even though I don't blog there it just seems there are so many places to post stuff nowadays, plus my Etsy shops and family life...oh I don't need to explain because I bet many of you do the same :)

So I thought I'd pop in here to show off a new treat: a Wonka Bar !
Actually, it's a Wonka Bar ring created by one of my favorite Etsy sellers Robinsjewelrybox .
I have been wanting to buy some kind of sweet treat ring from her for awhile but, like many others who peruse Etsy, there are a ton of wonderful Etsy creations that I've added to my favorites file and it's quite hard trying to pick just one item to purchase. So when my birthday came along I decided to go for it and Robins was where I ended up :) Go check her out for more delectable goodies !

And this shot of some sprouting hyacinths was taken for a dear friend of mine who lives on the other side of Canada. She bought me these, in a wee pot, before they moved from Vancouver Island B.C. to Newfoundland back in........oh goodness I forget exactly when it was....2002 ?? I'm sure she'll remind me :) Although the hyacinths may not look like much in this shot, their smell is divine ! They are a lovely yearly surprise & always make me think of my friend ♥

That's it for now. It's Friday woohoo and I'm planning to be a blob for the rest of the afternoon evening.  Happy weekend all !! ♥


Thespa McLaughlin said...

You found the golden ticket! Hooray!