Canada Post Strike & Art Room Makeover

Before I go off and play one of my room escape games on the computer ( love them ! ), I thought I'd better give you a head's up that my two Etsy shops will be closed until the Canada Post strike is over. I could leave them open but really don't like the thought of my customers and I wondering when the package will arrive, you know how a strike can muck up the best laid plans.....

So, since I'm not having to think about Etsy, I have FINALLY begun to paint my art room, woohoo !! I told myself " You can sit around thinking about it all day and where will that get you, a lot of wasted time when it could be at least half done by the end of the day ". And now here I am & happy that the room really is half done. I've painted 3 walls and the trim all white and my desk has gone from ugly brown to white. On Wed. I'm getting some robins egg blue paint for the wall in front of my desk & the large valance on one of the white walls. In the next two weeks I'll be ordering this poster: http://tiny.cc/yjp6n to hang on the blue wall ! It will be a good size to make me feel like I'm actually there. I love how it draws the eyes out and beyond. While you're there, why not check out the rest of the site --many fabulous posters, even full wall ones !
I'm quite excited over my art room, going from blah browns & beige to bright white & blue. The wrong colours can really put a plug in the creativity category so I'm lookihg forward to getting back to my art work once the room is completely done.
In the mean time, here are 3 shots of the room from May ( I've since done a ton of destashing & now today the rest of it is all in the middle of the room ). Sorry about the blurry ones, the new ones will be much better :)

I'll be back......