Art room makeover is coming along....slowly.

A quick pop in to show the fresh colouring of my art room.....

Before, the room was painted a boring shade of taupey-pale tea brown. Add to that the brown carpet ( which will remain until I have enough pennies for some peel-stick tiles ) and the brown bits of furniture from my parents 1960's years ( the top photo you can just make out my ugly desk --it was covered in 1960's high gloss brown fake wood veneer...which I removed ( thinking I had to ) to paint. Had my brain been in gear that day then I could have simply spray painted the entire veneered desk with Krylon, the spray paint you use on plastic, etc.... Oh well, I did think to spray the veneered dresser ! The only really nice piece of furniture is the bureau along the wall in bottom pic. That piece won't be painted but has been moved into the living room and will have new hardware and the ugly stick legs will be removed for some funky industrial style casters. Oh, the chair is quite nice too and comfy, may not paint but will make a cushy cushion with some bright fabric. You should be able to enlarge these photos, let me know if you can't:

And here is the freshly painted room. I saved several $$ by using some leftover white paint when we renovated our upstairs bathroom. The pretty blue is called 'Songbird', isn't that a lovely name ? It's such a happy pleasing colour and that was my goal for this room ---to bring happiness so I can keep creating art continuously ( that ugly brown was soooooo uninspiring ). I had thought of painting the entire room blue until I read that colours from walls can reflect off surfaces, canvasses being one of them. So the wall behind my desk, to my right and around the door is white and the 'feature' wall, the one I'll be looking at, is blue and the valance above the window and the closet are blue. Soon I shall be ordering the poster I mentioned in my previous post, can't wait to see that up and show it off to you :)

So there you go my friends. It's been slow only because I've had some wicked hayfever but thankfully the 'sticking a vaccuum up my nose' season is just about done -woohoo !!- and I can really get crackin on the room.
I'll be back with more fresh shots to showoff. See you soon  :)