A few of my favorite things.....

My art room has gone through a makeover & it's 95% done woohoo ! All that is left is to hang a couple of vintage Vogue mirrors & wait for the arrival of my poster ( mentioned in last two posts ). So while waiting, here are shots of two areas in the room showing off a few of my favorite things:

 This is my 'Candy Corner' ! The large cupcake came from Cameron Rose , a fabulous shop in Sidney B.C. selling whimsical to sophisitcated items. The cupcake was one of their store decorations being sold for a ridiculously low price due to the candy cane being broken, so happy to be there at the right time ! The smaller cupcake was made by our son in his grade 8 pottery class last year. The glass pedestal jar contains bubble gum from Halloween ( not a fan of gum but I liked the pink & blue wrappers. Eventually the jar will be filled with Smarties yum ! ). These items sit on top of my parents vintage chrome Lincolon Beauty bread box which I use to store packages of Shrinky Dink & other products. The silver teapot and silver cake stand were also my parents & my most favored of their silver items. On the right, just behind the glass jars, is a print of a whimsical crow listening to music, a sweet gift from my birthmom. Lastly is the bedspring dolly I made back in '07. She really is created from a large vintage bedspring, the doll sits just inside the top part & then the decorating begins. This doll is named 'Miss Rosy Buttons' & she's surrounded by mixed roses, fabric, vintage buttons, jewelry bits, glitter and more. It was a gift to my mom. All of these delights sit atop a vintage dresser my parents had in the 60's, it was covered in a high gloss dark brown faux wood veneer which I painted over with white Krylon spraypaint & changed the copper hardware out for chrome. It does make a candy-like show & looks rather deelish against the Birdsong blue wall.

 This wall is seen as soon as you step in to the room. What was once my paint bottle holder is now a home to some of my ATC's & ACEO's ( Artist Trading Cards & Art Card Editions & Originals ) which I always kept in a drawer ( thought it about time to display some of my work to keep me inspired ), along with various pictures & items from my childhood ( Fisher Price Little People dog & girl, a Tomy windup robot, Tams Bo Peep mug, party hat & framed silk fabric flower basket ). The kissing couple is a postcard which I framed in pink and gave to my dear husband as a Christmas gift ( though he said he liked it, it wasn't really 'up his alley', so I borrowed it back ! ). The Victorian style couple photo are the great grandparents of my birthfather ---I've never ever known any other great grandparents & I love this shot of them, they look quite happy. The floral box on the bottom right held a trio of Florentyna perfume items, a lovely scent I found for my mom from Marks & Spencers in Victoria B.C. ( sadly the store is no longer ) --it now holds stuff from projects I've yet to complete. A couple of art creations from past friends, some of my necklaces, a pretty medieval-style doll given to my mom ( the doll looks really easy to make so I may try my hand at one ), etc...
  When I sit at my desk I no longer look up to beige-brown walls & images I thought were inspiring, now I look up and see freshness & inspiration and can't wait to start creating again !