Hanging with a June bug & the start of a painting

 Well I've finally taken the plunge into the world of acrylic painting. It's been a deep desire of mine for several years & I've no idea why it's taken so long to start.
 Now I am no Rembrandt or other fancy artist by any means BUT I love to draw, love colours, love fantasy worlds & whimsy, so I'm creating what comes from my own heart and not what others think I should paint. It would be nice to pick up a brush and create amazing worlds where people quietly "ooh" and "ahhhh", but that ain't me. Oh I could go back to some school if I really wanted to but I don't. I create from my heart, my spirit, my joy, my constant need to make something.
 The paintings I plan to produce will, so far, have a floral theme with whimsy thrown in & will be created on 9 x 12 prepared canvas board. Paintings for the young at heart, for those who enjoy something a wee bit 'oddballish' if you will :)
 I am excited for what's to appear under my brush !

 Here's a wee glimpse of the start of my first painting 'Happy House on Candy Hill'. This painting is a loose copy of the handsewn felt brooch I made a couple of years back & listed in my Etsy shop ( and my dear birthmom Judy purchased it )

I'm really enjoying this painting route, it's a nice break from my altered art.

Oh I must point you to a wonderful site too. There's always quiet music in the background while I'm working but yesterday I just wanted to hear some nature sounds. So I looked and looked and finally found this site:
It's a mixer, super easy to use, for creating your own mix of nature sounds. I chose beach, wind in leaves, windchimes & birdsong and kept it playing over 8 hrs ! It's excellant for covering up any undesirable noises --such as our next door neighbors new & barking dog and the new young neighbors, on the other side, who like to bring friends over and hang outside for several hours. Give it a try, you may end up keeping it on all day !

 Okay. My next show and tell is this cute ( I think so ) Ten-lined June Beetle. I noticed our boxer dog Jujubes was gently pawing at something on the ground. At first I thought it was one of those wee lizards that appear in the Summer but getting closer it looked more like a hissing Humbug candy. This thing had it's wee front legs up in the air & was hissing like a bat. If it could speak I'm sure it would be shouting "Get away from me !"
 I picked it up with the potting shovel I'd been using and placed it up on our sundeck, on the potted daisies. It eventually crawled up one of the daisy stems and hung about for a couple hours. Quite a lovely creature !
 This June beetle is a Scarab beetle and also goes by the name 'Watermelon beetle'. They can grow up to 1.25" & I think the one we found was about that long. This was a male with it's large antennae and their undersides have a browinsh 'fur'. They feed on coniferous needles and the hissing sound is made when they're touched/disturbed & their wings press against their body. A rather quiet creature but can have a painful bite if 'bugged' too much.
 Early this evening I brought up a branch with pinecones, got Mr. June beetle to crawl onto it and then had him crawl onto one of the Douglas Firs in the backyard.
 Nice to meet you Mr. June !